Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Microsoft looking for server protection?

InternetNews reported a few days ago that some major tech blogs received "cease and desist" orders from reporting on Windows Mobile 2005 branding. I know that I read numerous stories from CES that Microsoft was merging the brands "Windows Mobile", "SmartPhone" and "PocketPC" in to "Windows Mobile 2005" sometime later this year. Apparently, some sites got more info than the rest of us.

"Peter Rojas, editor and co-founder of the popular technology blog, said there is an "ongoing situation" over a post that went on his site Jan. 5. The article detailed some upcoming features rumored to be in Windows Mobile 2005 for Microsoft's Pocket PCs and Smartphones. The post prompted a cease-and-desist letter, dated Tuesday, from intellectual property lawyer Cameron Alston of the law firm Covington & Burling. The letter to Engadget publisher Jason Calacanis stated the material found in the post infringed on Microsoft's proprietary trade secrets.

If you do not act expeditiously to remove access to the infringing material, you may otherwise be liable for trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and/or other remedies at law, including civil and criminal penalties," the letter states."

According to the article, the main infringement was a screenshot of the new operating system that was stolen from Microsoft servers. Someone refresh my memory: isn't this the company that has major security initiatives and just released anti-spyware security software? C'mon guys...if you can't protect your own in house servers, how are you going to convince me to let you protect my PC's?

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