Friday, January 21, 2005

Razr V3, the sequel?

Looks like Motorola plans to capitalize on the more than expected success of the Razr phone with more models and more colors. In case you missed it, the Razr was super secretly developed to emulate the success Motorola enjoyed with the Star-TAC; one of the most popular flip phones of all time.

BusinessWeek indicates that Motorola will introduce new versions of the phone, hoping to continue the positive sales trend that Motorola is enjoying with the $500+ RAZR:

"the company is hard at work on a whole family of Razr-like phones in various shapes and colors -- including the Sliver, a candy-bar-shaped Razr -- to be announced later this year. The Razr, part of what JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst Ehud Gelblum calls "the company's best lineup of phones in recent history," helped Motorola sail to its strongest quarter since Zander took over from former CEO Christopher B. Galvin a year ago. The company posted $654 million in earnings on record sales of $8.8 billion in the fourth quarter -- a 27% jump over the previous year's sales."

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It's amazing to me that 750,000 Razr's have shipped already at a high price point, but even more amazine that this total is three times what Motorola anticipated. Who works for 2 years to develop such a feature filled and futuristic successor to the most successful phone ever and then short sides the sales estimate? What was the goal of the initial project?

In any case, BW makes a good point that Motorola needs more phones of a higher quality on the CDMA network for providers such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint. As a Verizon customer, I was very upset that the Razr was an impossibility. Now with a new candy bar model (the Sliver) to be introduced later this year, my hope is that CDMA is not forgotten.

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