Saturday, January 29, 2005

Send Yahoo! searches to a mobile phone

Following a move that Google made last October, Yahoo! has created a service that sends internet search information to a mobile phone via SMS (Short Message Services):

"Yahoo said its new service is available across all the major wireless carriers at no charge for consumers. However, wireless carriers may charge fees for receiving text messages on a mobile handset. For example, a user could search for information about San Francisco's Slanted Door restaurant on a PC and then click on a link to send the address and telephone number to a mobile phone."

While this is a convenient service, I don't see too much of a need for it personally. I suppose if someone I know is on the road and needs some info in a pinch, they could call me to have me run a search and send them the results, but as wireless hotspots continue to spring up, I see this method as a short term trend.

Click the post title for the full story from Yahoo!. Did you expect someone else to report this one? ;>)

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