Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Shuffling to the sound of the brand.

So, can someone tell me why I would want an iPod Shuffle?

Over two years ago, I "geeked out" and bought a flash based digital audio player, the Creative MuVo, for $99. Sure it only had 64MB of memory, but I could comfortably fit two hours of WMA files. With no moving parts and weighing only a few ounces, it was perfect for running and listening to tunes. All I did was pop the device into my USB port and bring my music over; same as what you can do with the Shuffle. The MuVo was also smaller than the Shuffle; another key factor for those on the go.

Other flash based players followed the Creative over the past several years and now we have: the Shuffle. So what? Frankly, I think that the player isn't all that much different than others that are available. The difference is something else entirely: branding and advertising. I've seen Apple iPod ads on TV; when was the last time you saw a Creative MuVo ad?

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