Wednesday, January 26, 2005

So, what's it like to work for Google?

Mark Jen started as an IBM intern, worked at Microsoft for 18 months and just started a new role at Google less than ten days ago. So what is it like to work there? Here are a few excerpts from his new blog, called "ninetyninezeros":

"google provides a pretty cool service for employees who want to live in san francisco: a free shuttle. not only is the shuttle free, but during your commute, you can connect onto the internet and do work. somehow, they have a high speed wireless internet uplink on the bus which is shared to the passengers via a wireless router."

"i realized that most of the "benefits" actually seem to be thinly veiled timesavers to keep you at work. take for example: free lunch and dinner."

"the atmosphere of googolplex screams one theme: work == play, play == work. finally, as most of you know, google allows employees to dedicate 20% of their time towards their own ideas and inventions. additionally, you can easil
y shift around in the company to projects that most accurately match your interests."

This will be an interesting and fun blog to watch! Click the post title for the full blog.

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