Monday, February 14, 2005

Adam Curry mentions the Commute-cast again!

I really blew it today even though I had the best of intentions. I created an "anti-promo" of the commute-cast and sent it to Adam Curry. I realized a few days ago that some folks were using iPodderSP to get the commute-cast on their SmartPhone and hey: for the safety interests of all involved, I sent the attached .mp3 to Adam on Friday night.

OK, it's really an "anti-promo" promo! ;>) It's 45 seconds long and was played in today's Daily Source Code! Click the post title to give it a listen and you'll understand what I mean! You might even get a chuckle out of it....I know he did! For you iPodderSP folks out there: this one's for you! (All of you since there are multiple iPodderSP users!) Thanks for the support....

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