Friday, February 04, 2005

Commute-cast 02/03/2005

Time for my Thursday morning commute...hey, drive safe and let's all commute together!

Length: 25 minutes
Size: 11.3 MB

Click the post title to stream or download directly.

- What is today's date? I goofed...
- Weather observations (18 degrees today, -7 degrees last week!)
- kct makes Adam Curry's Daily Source Code!
- digital world promo on the Lance's Digital Experience Podcast.
- Let's talk tech: Tablet PC productivity and multitasking with Skype.
- The "Pinewood Derby" debacle next door! (Check the rules you cheaters!)
- How not to put up a garage door opener (or why the car seats are cold).
- HDTV and the SuperBowl next door on a 50" DLP Samsung TV. (Thanks Josh!)
WaWa coffee plug #1.
- Which HDTV format has more pixels: 720p or 1080i? Do the math.
- Recent links to kct: Daily Source Code, Digital Man's Outtakes, Optical Poptitude, Digital Podcasts.
- Microsoft acknowledges a Tablet PC memory leak.
- WaWa coffee plug #2! SHOW ME THE COFFEE!
- Why don't I get paid for this? Click my PayPal button and send me a buck!
- HP pre-announces the iPaq Mobile Messenger. What are the specs and the price estimate?
- Engadget: a must hit site every day.
- More to say, but no commute left! I'll save some for next week...

I'm looking for some royalty-free "commute sounding theme"...let me know if you have something in mind to open and close the show with!

Send me audio questions in the file format of your choice.
Send me feedback on this 'cast.

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