Friday, February 25, 2005

Commute-cast 02/24/2005

Barb joins the show as a special guest (due to snow)! ;)

Length: 28 minutes
Size:12.3 MB

Click the post title to listen (or get Doppler)!

- Intro by Paul J. Manoogian; it's Thick!
- Weather and time. (I blew the date again!)
- Let's have a big welcome for Barb!
- Barb realizes she is a "TV-snob" the same as kct.
- Great HDTV links:
----- = find local HDTV and a good antenna
----- = what free HDTV content is available in your area
- Is our friend addicted to Worlds of Warcraft? (part 1)
- Good deed of the day; kct & barb stop a school bus for a laggard!! Boy is that kid pissed! ;)
- Is our friend addicted to Worlds of Warcraft and is he a "game-pusher"? (part 2)
- Gotthava WaWa!
- kct's view on content revenue vs. hardware or software revenue.
- Paul thinks Apple should give the iPod away and make $$$ on iTunes.
- Gotthava WaWa #2!
- New iPod mini models announced.
- Where is help at Best Buy when you need it (or where can I get a blue shirt and yellow nametag?)
- What genre is Norah Jones anyway???
- Is this show stupid, silly or entertaining?
- Google adds phrases and reviews to movie searches as well as showtimes.
- Speculation on a Google calendar.
- More Internet Explorer 7.0 facts and fiction from Paul Thurott.
- Why does WaWa coffee taste better at WaWa?
- What is the "seasoned coffee pot" that Barb mentions and where can I buy one???
- techADDICTION podcast #1 with James Kendrick is in post-production.
- Does kct sound sexier than James? Barb thinks so.... ;)
- Leave me Skype Voice Mail for the beta test.
- Drive safely so I don't have to!

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