Monday, February 14, 2005


DEMO is celebrating it's 15th year in existence by kicking off it's three day expo yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona. The show runs through tomorrow and you can get a good look at future products and technologies by clicking on the post title. I've linked this post to the "DEMOLetter" which is the official DEMO blog. In DEMOLetter, you can find commentary on each exhibit as well as some brief reactions. It's inevitable to see the "show gremlins" that always seem to interfere with the cool products, but there are many products that gave a successful Demo!

This year's DEMO is comprised of over 70 exhibitors, which sounds small when compared to last year's CES show, but DEMO really brings meaning to the term "cutting edge". Some of this years many cool exhibits include:

Motorola's iRadio

Sonaptic's 3D AudioEngine
MindJet's MindManager Accelerator

If you want to see emerging technologies, DEMO is for you!

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