Monday, February 28, 2005

How To: Listen to podcasts on your Pocket PC

PocketPC Magazine subscribers already saw this; at least I HOPE they did! My first print article was published in last month's issue and explains how to listen to podcasts on a Windows Mobile device. I wrote this article back in the "golden age" of podcasting: October, 2004! I thought back then that podcasting would continue to grow as a media and content trend. It think it's safe to say I was on target! I think this article is a good introduction to newer Windows Mobile users that want to listen to podcasts...of course, I'm biased! ;)

Up until today, you had to purchase the print copy of PocketPC Magazine. The article is now available directly on the PPCMag website:

"Consumers and end-users are constantly looking for ways to expand the functionality of the Pocket PC. One of the most innovative ways is to participate in "podcasting," a new media movement that surfaced in October of this year. Podcasting is a way to broadcast audio content online. Similar to a text-based Web log ("blog"), podcasting lets people post their opinions and thoughts on the Web in audio form. Currently, there are no controls, regulations, or censoring activities associated with podcasting. All you need is a way to digitally record whatever it is you want to "podcast," using a setup as simple as a computer and a microphone. You can record your thoughts on any subject, conduct live interviews, add background music, and more."

Click the post title for the full text, instructions and pics using Doppler & Microsoft ActiveSync. It's interesting to me to see how much podcasting has grown and changed in the past 6 months. Reading this story is like a personal time-capsule for me on the subject and I hope you enjoy it. On a funny sidenote: it's actually quite fun to quote or link to your own written work! :^)

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At 3/06/2005 11:33 AM, Anonymous Bob said...


Check out this progam - Very Powerful and usefull

FeederReader is a
full-featured RSS Aggregator
with podcast listening
("podcasting" or
"podcatching") and enclosure
support, running on Windows
Mobile. It is designed for
downloading and reading
RSS feeds on a Pocket PC
run without the assistance of
a host computer. You can
update the feeds when the
Pocket PC is connected to
the internet (i.e. through a
LAN or Mobile Phone) and
read them while offline.

At 3/08/2005 4:06 PM, Blogger Kevin C. Tofel said...


Thanks for the link! I wish this was out for Windows Mobile 6 months ago when I wrote my article! I like how the enclosure tag is supported and will have to give this a try on my Dell Axim X50v.



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