Thursday, February 03, 2005

Illegal software: use it and lose it!

I'm against software piracy as much as the next guy, but I'm thinking that one developer has gone too far. Anton Tomov is a developer for Windows Mobile devices and I've used his Pocket HackMaster application in the past: it's a very capable program. In addition, Anton provides timely and solid support. I read something today at jkOnTheRun however, that has me slightly concerned:

"It appears that Mr. Tomov recently distributed an update to the Pocket Mechanic program that includes some malicious anti-piracy code. Of course whether or not it is malicious depends on which side of the firing line you fall on. The program apparently detects if the executed program is a legally licensed one and if not it erases your entire Windows Mobile device by hard resetting it. It has reportedly wiped out a removable storage card, too."

Again, let me go on the record to say software piracy is illegal. I don't think that justifies a developer to remove software that he or she didn't create however. Click the post title for the full story.

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