Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm beta testing Skype VM

Thanks to Eric Gunderson over at Development Seed, I received a beta invite to the Skype Voice Mail service. My account is set up and I would welcome any readers of the "digital world" or listeners to the "commute-cast" to Skype me and leave a message.

My hope is that you can Skype me in the future to leave questions for the site or even for playback during a podcast, so don't be shy about leaving a message! In fact, I still have Gmail accounts left, so if you want one, leave me a Skype VM with your e-mail address and one piece of feedback on my site or podcast.

Skype VM appears to reside on the Skype servers in the P2P network. As far as I can tell, my VM greeting wasn't saved locally, but was uploaded. If the VM functionality resides on the Skype servers, then I shouldn't need to be logged in to Skype for you to leave me a VM. As a result of this service, it's a safe bet that Skype will charge for this functionality. Before I worry about that, I have two months to beta test, so how about it? SKYPE ME!!!

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