Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Is today "kct's podcast" day and nobody told me?

My first surprise today was the mention on Adam Curry's "Daily Source Code" podcast, but today is a double treat! I see that Lance put out another "Digital Experience Podcast" today and he played a one minute promo for my 'cast! If you haven't listened to the DEP, give Lance's cast a try. Here's a few excerpts from his show notes today, which give you a good idea as to why I listen to the DEP:

# Correct way to reboot my clickwheel iPod
# Who decides a songs genre?
# Free WiFi at my gas station?
# Trackback spam is coming in
# Makers of Quicken disable Internet banking features for older software
# Podcasting or regular feeds with FeedBurner
# Use Ping-O-Matic with feedburner and others
# iPodder 2 beta
# KCT’s Digital World promo <--- Thanks Lance!
# Gillmor Gang talks about proper podcasting

If you're really curious how many subscribers I have to my 'cast, you'll have to listen to the promo in today's DEP!

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