Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lost: one functioning Taskbar

December 31st was a great day last year. You see, that's the day I ran around from store to store to get an end of year deal (and rebate!) on a new Tablet PC. Sheer bliss is how I can best describe my mobile computing since that day. Joy, happiness, mobility were all around me. I was blinded by the light....so blind that I apparently misplaced the Taskbar! Well, not the Taskbar itself, but any minimized running applications. They simply disappeared from the Taskbar. Sure, I had my TIP (Tablet Input Panel) button and yes I still had the Quick Launch toolbar. The system tray was good too; just no applications in the Taskbar....quite annoying!

Enter the forums at jkOnTheRun! I posted my "Lost and Found" notice for one lost Taskbar. Sure enough, less than two hours later, forum member "yvilla" pointed me to Kelly's Korner for XP, which is chock full o' good tweaks! In fact, that's where I found one of several VB Scripts to fix my exact problem as well as the great Taskbar Repair Tool above! The site is just TOO good to keep to myself, so click the post title if you have a Taskbar issue and be sure to bookmark the site. I know I did! (Thanks again yvilla!) ;)

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