Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Microsoft to fix Tablet PC memory leak

As reported last week, there appears to be a Tablet PC memory leak with one of the core functions of the operating system. Today, Microsoft Watch reports that Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and intends to address it:

"Microsoft is working overtime on a fix to the memory leak bug that is causing some Tablet PC customers' machines to overflow with virtual ink, according to company officials. "It's unclear for now how we'll deliver the fix," acknowledged Frank Gocinski, ISV and business-development manager for Microsoft's mobile platforms division. Microsoft has no imminent plans to deliver a new Tablet PC service pack, he said. But the company might just post the fix, as soon as it is available, to the Tablet Web site for download, he said. There's no ETA yet on the fix, Gocinski said."

Initially, I was concerned that this issue would not be addressed since the Tablet PC represents such a small part of the notebook market. However, this is a positive sign from Microsoft and further shows their recent commitment to supporting and marketing the Tablet PC as a viable, mobile productivity platform.

Until Microsoft fixes the issue with a patch, you might consider some of the workarounds in the forums at jkOnTheRun.

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