Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Nikon intros SLR with GPS and WiFi

My son isn't much more of a picture taker, but then again, he's only 7. I can remember countless rolls of film that resulted in fantastic close ups of his finger over the lens. Clearly, this was a case for a digital camera! It was several years ago that I purchased the whopping 1 Megapixel digital camera from HP. My how times have, Tom's Hardware is reporting that Nikon has a digital SLR camera with both GPS and WiFi!

"The camera also integrates 3D-color matrix metering to enable quick and reliable exposure calculations. As the D2X, and D1X/D1H, the DH2s is compatible with GPS systems and can record latitude, longitude and altitude taken from a GPS unit into the image's metadata. Additionally, wireless connectivity was updated to now support the new transmitter WT-2/2A and 802.11g."

This one will set you back about 3,500 clams; much more than the $99 special I bought a few years ago. I love the WiFi functionality; imagine taking pics while in range of your local WiFi network. Perhaps you won't even need to store the image on digital media within the camera; you could cache it internally and have it automatically forwarded to a PC on your network at a whopping 54 megabits per second! Not so sure about the GPS aspect....personally, if I don't know where I am, the last thing I plan to do is take a picture! ;>)

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