Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Paul can Roku, can U?

One of my good friends at work runs a great tech blog that I have in my blogroll here. Paul's Blog is written by...well....Paul! Earlier this week, Paul told me about the Roku M500 he purchased. The M500 is a wireless device that lets you pump your music collection from your PC's to your higher end sound system. The M500 supports iTunes, Windows Media Player and more.

I had hoped to tell you more about Paul's M500, but he didn't give me time: he took it back and upgraded two models to the M2000!

"Recently, I purchased a Roku SoundBridge M2000; which is a device that lets me play my digital audio library (stored on my PC) through an audio system. It does this by using a WiFi network connection to the PC and it "talks" to my iTunes (iPod library) software to get to the music (I have to share out my iTunes library using the built in "sharing" - it's UPnP for all of you geeks out there!). It then transmits the data from the library, by way of an audio stream, to the Roku. The Roku processes the audio stream's data into the actual audio heard through my sound system."

Paul has a nice write up on the device capabilities, give the post title a click to read it for yourself! In the meantime, I'm saving up for a Roku!

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