Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Perhaps the 'commute-cast' isn't a bad idea after all!

You regular "digital world'rs" might have seen my conceptual podcast last week; the one I call the "commute-cast". In case you missed it, you can grab the .mp3 file here. As a concept, it's a little different. I basically have a stream of consciousness on my way to work that I record on Thursday's and share with y'all on Friday's. In essence, we commute together because you can listen on your way to work using an FM transmitter like the Belkin TuneCast hooked up to your digital audio player, for example. I can also tech your tech questions if you send me: send me an audio file by Wednesday night that I can burn to CD and I'll play your question during the commute!

I thought the concept was good so I passed a brief .mp3 over to the "king of podcasting", Adam Curry last week. I listen to Adam's Daily Source Code every day....that's the "daily" part! ;) Lo and behold, I was checking his show notes for today's show and there's the commute-cast! Adam plays the one minute .mp3 explanation I sent him and says he'll be subscribing! Hey....you never know what's going to happen to me or come out of my mouth on the way to work. You'll just have to do what Adam Curry does: tune in on Fridays! Use the XML button or RSS feed and your favorite podcast aggregator to subscribe.

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