Sunday, February 13, 2005

Podcasting growth at Feedburner

If you think podcasting isn't growing, you might want to read this info from Feedburner. Feedburner is a free services that "burns" a blog feed into a format for syndication, such as RSS or XML. I use Feedburner to provide my feed to the faithful "digital world" crowd and now also for the many commuters listening to the weekly "Commute-Cast". The below graph shows the number of podcast feeds that Feedburner is managing.

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Feedburner also provides some trend information on podcast listeners as well:

"Ok, sure, people are podcasting, but is anybody listening? Yes. There are several podcasts in the top 50 feeds we manage. A couple of these have over 3000 subscribers/listeners.

Overall, we measured 13,500 listeners to podcasts that FeedBurner managed at the beginning of January and 24,000 listeners at the beginning of February. Doing the math from the chart above, you can see that this runs at a steady average of about 14-15 listeners per podcast. When you plot the curve of listeners across all the podcasts we manage, it looks like the characteristic "long tail" power curve that we see for blog feed subscribers."

Sounds to me like this content delivery method has a very bright future, but of course I'm biased since I call myself a "podcaster"! ;>) More importantly is: what do YOU think? Are you listening to podcasts on a regular basis? Where are you listening to them: home, work, YOUR COMMUTE? ;) Let me know if you see this is a viable and growing approach to media!

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