Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sudden plethora of Gmail invites

Hmmm....has Google tipped their hand and positioned their wildly successfully beta of Gmail to a full production release in the very near future? During the beta period, Google typically provided 6 invites to friends on a semi-regular basis. I went in to check my Gmail account a few minutes ago and what did I see:

Either Google thinks I have more friends than I actually do (last count was 7 and one of them was iffy at best) or they are gearing up for the beta users to help roll out the public version of Gmail in my opinion.

My beta experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The web interface is slick and the label mechanism used to categorize e-mail is extremely effective. Add a mega-load of storage space (1 GB for the beta), the ability to read Gmail in a news aggregator and a Gmail notifier applet for good measure and you've got a powerful e-mail client accessible from just about anywhere on the web.

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