Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tablet PC memory leak

A few days ago, The Register in the UK reported a Tablet PC bug that appears as a memory leak. Unfortunately, the bug is allegedly in one of the most prevalent processes of the Tablet PC OS: Tabtip.exe which is the process that handles handwriting recognition:

"The program Tabtip.exe increases in size due to a memory leak. It starts out at approximately 10MB. I have seen it zoom up to over 150MB after a couple of weeks of suspend/resume." Tabtip.exe is quite an important application - it's the built-in ink digitizer responsible for handwriting recognition. Without it, you must buy and install a third-party recognition software, or plug in a keyboard."

Today I received some Q & A on the subject from the Microsoft Tablet PC Partner program. It appears that the bug is acknowledged, more after the "Read More" jump.


Q. Why hasn’t Microsoft addressed this bug?
A. In response to recent customer feedback, Microsoft is actively investigating the bug and will take the appropriate action to provide our customers and partners with the necessary tools to resolve any system issues via the Microsoft Tablet PC or Windows Update websites.

Q. How long will it take for Microsoft to post a solution?
A. Microsoft is working quickly to investigate and resolve the issue; timing of a solution has not yet been determined.

Q. If I don’t use the Tablet PC Input Panel, will my machine be impacted?
A. Yes. Whether you notice any impact or not will depend on the amount of memory you have and your usage pattern.

Q. After I reboot, will my system be restored back to standard performance?
A. Yes, it will be restored. We recommend you reboot whenever you notice performance degradation. Most people will only need to reboot once every 2-3 days.

There you have it; you know what I know. I've been watching the Tabtip.exe process in my Task Manager and see it slowly growing. Instead of Hibernating for days upon days, I'll likely reboot every few days just to be safe. More to follow.....

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