Monday, February 14, 2005

TechAddiction podcast coming soon!

It's official! I have the privilege of working with some great people on a fantastic project! I mentioned The Podcast Network yesterday and here's the first surprise: every week I'll be co-hosting a tech podcast called "TechAddiction" with my friend James Kendrick (aka: jk)! If you've visited any sort of major tech site in the past year or two, you can find jk providing his unique and informative views on mobile technology and I'm honored to be involved with anything involving jk!

If you want the best in mobile tech, jkOnTheRun is a must-hit site multiple times per day. jk was one of the first (if not THE first) to get the TabletPC operating system running on a handheld PC in the U.S.; that should give you an idea of how mobile this tech-guru is! Here's an excerpt on the big TechAddiction news, straight from Mr. Mobility himself:

"I will be recording the techADDICTION show with good friend and brainy guy Kevin Tofel of kct's digital world and I can tell you we are both excited to be involved with Mick and Cam. TA will be a weekly show that discusses just about everything to do with mobile technology and how it relates to the real world. We plan on having entertaining interviews of people you read every day and generally having a good time talking about subjects that get our motors running. The first show should be appearing soon so check often so you can get your Doppler or iPodder (or your podcast engine of choice) tuned in so you won't miss an episode. The techADDICTION show will nicely augment the jkOnTheRun experience and I am confident you will enjoy this audio extension of the site."

I'm humbled and again honored for this great opportunity. As I told jk: I've just sent him an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt so listeners can tell us apart! ;) Watch for TechAddiction on The Podcast Network. While you're there, be sure to check the other podcast channels for other great 'casts as well! Click the post title for more great news at jkOnTheRun.

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