Tuesday, February 15, 2005

techAddiction podcast update

If you thought techAddiction was going to be yet another dry, boring podcast on mobile tech, I'm thinking you thought wrong! (Wait...let me re-read that...yup, that makes sense; just sounded funny when I said it in my head!)

techAddiction is not going to just discuss your every mobile tech fantasy, it's bound to be entertaining too. Actually, it might not discuss your EVERY mobile tech fantasy , just most of them. Well...even that's a tall order...someone's going to see the words "tech fantasy" and picture Woody Allen's orgasmatron in Sleeper. It's a safe bet that we're not reviewing that device!

Anyway: 'nuff said by me; I'll let you decide for yourself by looking at jk's introductory post. Look out "Comedy Central"; sure you can make people laugh, but can you make them laugh while talking tech? I think not!

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