Wednesday, February 16, 2005

WiFi routers for the mobile traveler

If you're on the road and need to stay connected, there are plenty of hotels offering high speed internet access these days. Do you have to give up the freedom of wireless connectivity? Not at all if you have the right equipment. Let the hotel provide the connectivity; you provide the router! CNET has a nice round up of four different routers that are ideal for travel. Why settle for a cramped room where you have to sit in a corner near the phone?

"These little routers remove your hotel-desk shackles. Plug one into your hotel room's broadband cable, and you've converted your room into a Wi-Fi hot spot. Travel routers let you compute anywhere in the room that you darn well please--heck, if you book a room next to the pool, you might be able to connect from the poolside."

CNET runs through the following four routers and provides pros & cons of each:

Apple's AirPort Express
Netgear's WGR101 Travel Router
3Com's Office Connect Travel Router
Asus's WL-330 Access Point

Any of these would free you from the hotel wires, but which is the best? You'll have to click the post title for the answer. I'm thinking of buying one of these babies to "sublet the subnet"....if the hotel charges me $10 a day, I could offer wireless access to several rooms around me for $5 and make a few bucks! Just kidding Paris Hilton....I wouldn't want to take any money out of daddy's pocket! ;)

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