Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Win a Swatch SPOT Watch

One of my favorite mobility tools by far is my Microsoft SPOT Watch. I opted for function over fashion and purchased the basic Abacus model from Fossil. Of course, the rebate really made the deal for me, but I digress....

If you think you can present a good case for the next SPOT enabled device, click the post title and enter the contest over at SpotStop.com. To win the contest, you have to have the best answer to the following question:

"What SPOT-enabled device would you like to see in the future and what features would it have?"

Entries will be judged by BOTH SpotStop.com AND Microsoft, so your idea could be the next big SPOT device!

For those not familiar with SPOT, I use my watch daily to:
Receive news
Check sports
View stock prices of the major markets and the companies of my choosing
Recieve Instant Messages
Get calendar reminders from Outlook
View movie listings in my area
See current weather conditions as well as view the 3 day forecast
And of course.....tell time (and you can do that with mutliple watch faces!)

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