Wednesday, March 02, 2005

1,700 "tweaks" for $8 = X-Setup Pro

What can you buy for $8 (U.S.) these days? Well, you could get about 4 gallons of gas, or you ride your bike and use the $8 to pick up X-Setup Pro for your PC. This inexpensive package is a consolidated set of computer and application tweaks in an all-in-one Explorer-like interface. X-Setup Pro runs on literally EVERY Windows 32 bit platforms, from Win95 on up! So what can it do for you? Well, more than I can fit here, but I'll give you a few highlights:

* X-Setup Pro is the most complete "hacker" ever available: nearly 1,700 hidden functions can be controlled with some simple button clicks (e.g. Windows, Internet Explorer, Instant Messaging, Office, Explorer appearance, Server options, Network settings, Security...)
* By using an Explorer-like layout and the famous back and next buttons (you already know from your Internet browser) navigation is very simple.
* The features "Load computer registry" and "Load user registry" allow X-Setup Pro to apply changes of nearly 1,700 settings to a different user or even a different computer. Using these features, you can easily lock down a different user on the same computer without the fear to lock down your own user also.

A free download is available; I'll be sure to grab the file and kick the tires...more to follow!

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At 3/02/2005 6:44 PM, Anonymous Kay said...

I've been using XSetup since like version 4 or 5, and I agree - it's a great program.

Especially the recording function saves a lot of time.


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