Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Commute-cast 03/09/2005 with kct & Barb

The people have spoken: this is the "kct & Barb" show!
We're moving "commute" to a Wednesday recording so we can all commute together on Thursday...and Friday...and Monday...and, well you get the idea.

Length: 36.5 minutes
Size: 16.5 MB

Click the post title to listen (or get Doppler)!

- Intro by Paul J. Manoogian; it's Thick!
- Weather and time.
- Fixing the satellite dish on a dark and windy night.
- Navigating through the tree-trimmers.
- WaWa coffee plug #1
- MSN Remote Record via Paul's Blog
- 4WD needed at the infamous "look left, right, left again" intersection
- Sydney wants a Windows Media Center PC for her 5th birthday
- AOL to offer VoIP service starting next month
- Sony combats the iPod Shuffle with 3 new flash players. Great battery life!
- Last weekend's dinner with new HDTV converts. kct got to see World of Warcraft (and fights the temptation to play!)
- Look for my WiFi Skype on PPC with Bluetooth experiment on a future techADDICTION podcast.
- Barb doesn't like headphones OR wet willies!
- kct will buy tech gear so you don't have to...unless RadioShack has demos.
- Wireless USB on the way; will it replace BlueTooth? (part 1)
- Barb tells the story of why kids say "blah, blah, blah" when kct speaks.
- Why you shouldn't buy a 2WD pickup truck = it's half a car!
- WaWa plug #2: GottahavaWaWa!
- Wireless USB on the way; will it replace BlueTooth? (part 2)
- 1,000,000 Tablet PC's sold; Christopher has a TC4200
- Mark Jen landed a job at Plaxo. Congrats Mark! :)
- Google Desktop Search arrives out of beta and is better.
- Do we have enough gas to get home today?

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