Thursday, March 31, 2005

Commute-cast 03/30/2005 with kct & Barb

Last Commute-Cast on kct's digital world! Check out our new Commute-Cast website going forward!

Barb gets out of the intro again but the show must go on! Today we discuss technology in dentistry, open WiFi network dilemmas, and a few ways to extend a PSP, PDA or laptop for your home media content.

Length: 26:47
Size: 12.2 MB

Click the post title to listen (or get Doppler)!

- Intro by Paul J. Manoogian; it's Thick!
- Barb gets out of the intro again but gives the weather update
- kct combines Xbox with his workout and is now a video game character
- techADDICTION show 4 is an interview with Dave Ciccone of Dave’s iPAQ
- kct & Barb steam up the windows ;)
- Sony PSP is out and how you can put your own TiVo to Go content on it
- Barb’s digital technology experiences at the dentist. (If you need a great dentist in our area, let us know!)
- GottahavaWaWa = $.99 coffee at WaWa ends on April 3rd. :(
- kct uses an Axim X50v to show the dentist’s office that their WiFi network is wide open
- Should we tell people that they have open WiFi networks? What do you think?
- Access your home audio\video media content for FREE from any internet connection with Orb (I’d love to try it, but we need a Windows Media Center PC…hint, hint)
- Harley Davidson sighting at work means Spring is here!
- Will we make the Top 100 podcasts at Podcast Alley in March? Lend us a hand!
- Drive safely so we don't have to!
- Send us feedback!

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