Thursday, March 17, 2005

A day late and a dollar short

For you regular listeners of the Commute-Cast, I'm a day late and dollar short. What does that mean? Well, I recorded the show yesterday, so I'm a day late. Today I got a message from my server host that I'm at 90% of my bandwidth quota for the month and that each additional GB of bandwidth will cost me $.99: that's the "dollar short" part!

I guess that's the price of success, so I can live with it! ;) However, if you do listen to the Commute-Cast show or you get some good information from kct's digital world, I am humbly asking for something to help offset my bandwidth cost. I don't intend to make a gazillion dollars on this site, but I don't want to lose money either! So if you find this of any value, please consider clicking on the PayPal button and donating. I hate to ask this, but it would help. Even if you pulled down a podcast and then gave back a quarter, I'd be happy! ;) Thanks!

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