Wednesday, March 02, 2005

DVD to PocketPC software

Aside from reading eBooks on my Windows Mobile device, I also LOVE to catch movies on it. The Dell Axim X50v that I currently use has a 640x480 VGA screen so it's made for catching a few flicks when the time is right. Getting the movies to the device is the trick. In the past I've used some procedures that require no less than 4 unique pieces of software and hours of manual setup, not to mention the encoding time! Nowadays there are some good "all in one" applications that do the dirty work for you.

I haven't tried PocketDVDWizard, yet but Pocket PC Thoughts reports that the newest version (3.2) is available from Handango for $28.95. That might sound like a steep price, but having gone the free & manual route, it's actually not bad. There is a trial that allows you to compress and encode 5 minutes of a DVD, so click the post link to check it out. It's simply amazing that you can compress a whole DVD onto a 256MB CF or SD card and still have a movie with decent quality!

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