Wednesday, March 16, 2005

IE 7.0 (aka:"Rincon") details slowly becoming available

A few weeks back both here and in the weekly "Commute-Cast" podcast, I shared some very preliminary information on Internet Explorer 7.0. Slowly but surely, additional details are becoming available. Microsoft-Watch has information on the new browser that was anonymously shared with key Microsoft partners. Among the highlights:

- Tabbed browser support; i.e.: multiple tabs in one browser instance, each tab showing a unique web page.
- Portable Network Graphics (PNG) support providing transparent graphics and image overlays.
- Potentially, a built in news aggregator for RSS support.

Among what I think is missing (or as yet not disclosed) is a simple and open way to add and extend the browser. This is one of Mozilla Firefox's biggest advantages and Microsoft would be wise to adopt a similar strategy. It is also unknown if Rincon will support the Cascading Style Sheet 2.0 standard.

Read the full story at Microsoft-Watch.

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