Thursday, March 10, 2005

Learn a new language in just 10 minutes!

I started my adventures in computing programming BASIC on various computers back in the early 1980's. While my fellow grade school friends were outside playing, I was pounding away on membrane keyboards. My how things have changed. My friends are still somewhere else, but now I have a nicer keyboard! ;) One of the computing areas I've never had the joy of experiencing lie in the UNIX world. I think that's about to change thanks to a post I saw over at

"I love it when people on the Internet make things easy for me by, say, compiling a healthy helping of basic information on a subject into one document. A generous soul has done such a thing by creating a document for learning UNIX in 10 minutes."

I gave this a quick look and the basic ins and outs of UNIX are nicely documented in a brief web page. Click the post title and spend 10 minutes learning a new language. Thanks to ForeverGeek for the tip!

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