Thursday, March 10, 2005

Like the commute-cast? Vote at Podcast Alley

Mainstream media seems to have latched on to Podcast Alley as the podcast reference site. I registered the weekly Commute-Cast over there back in February and now that the show is gaining a following, I'd love to see it move "up the charts" to the top 100 or so. In fact, now that Barb has joined, we're gunnin' for Dawn & Drew who continually show up in the Top 10 over at Podcast Alley! Actually, they are a COMPLETELY different kind of show and good in their own way, so I'm joking about "dethroning them". I am serious about the voting though! If you like the show, click the post link to vote. You can only vote once per month under the new system there, so how about it. Is March the month you vote for kct & Barb on the Commute-Cast?


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