Friday, March 04, 2005

New tech from VS isn't wireless

OK, this one's for all of the techie women out there. By now most of us have seen the new "IPEX" commercials from Victoria's Secret. This is supposed to be the most technologically advanced bra on the market. Let's have a look at that claim, shall we?

According to Barb's recent catalog, this bra took two years to develop. Hmmm...Microsoft puts operating systems out faster than that, so I'm not impressed yet. Apparently the technology to produce this type of bra simply wasn't available until now according the company.

Next we have a patent pending, which amazes Barb; why do we need a patent for this bra? It doesn't look that much different than any other bra. So, what's the magic? It appears that the tech is with the lightweight fabric and the way it is "feathered to shave multiple layers of material to form the perfect pad: maximum coverage at the center, virtually weightless as the edges."

I'm ordering one for Barb right now and we'll see if it passes her review. From a geek standpoint, I'm not impressed with any new technology that still uses wires! ;) I will say this: the colors are nice.....

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At 3/06/2005 2:59 PM, Anonymous Paul J Manoogian said...

Yeah! That's what I say! "Where's the WIRELESS Bra!" ;)

At 3/08/2005 3:48 PM, Blogger Kevin C. Tofel said...

You're looking for the "pre-n" bra...the spec isn't done yet but it's allegedly 4 times the coverage! ;)


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