Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Office Communicator to replace Windows Messenger

I'll disclose up front that I don't use Windows Messenger. I'll also disclose that I might use the successor to Windows Messenger, which is called Office Communicator according to BetaNews:

"Microsoft has given a name to its Windows Messenger successor: Office Communicator 2005. The new communications client, formerly known by its code-name Istanbul, integrates IM, voice, video, telephony and Web conferencing capabilities into a single interface and makes them accessible in Microsoft's Office applications.

Communicator serves as the preferred client for Office Live Communications Server (LCS) 2005, which streamlines business communication and is the core of Microsoft's real-time collaboration vision. With Communicator, users have access to presence features that rout incoming messages based on a schedule, or offer additional availability data such as the next available meeting."

This is great way to leverage one of of the most successful Microsoft products, namely MS Office. By integrating real time communication features in Office, Microsoft is effectively morphing Office into a more collaborative suite of software. Collaboration is good!!! ;)

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