Wednesday, March 02, 2005

PC Mag reviews Verizon EV-DO card

I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for roughly 4 years. I've always been satisfied with the network coverage and call quality, but less than impressed by the available hardware. I just read a review that may begin to change my mind; PC Magazine has a brief, but informative, review of the new Verizon Wireless PC 5200 EV-DO compatible card:

"Verizon delivers high-speed Internet practically everywhere in 32 metro areas with its BroadbandAccess PC Cards. It's no exaggeration to say that these cards, which include the entry-level Verizon Wireless PC 5220, are a revolution in mobile computing, although they will set you back about $80 per month in subscription fees."

When I see someone call a product "a revolution", I tend to raise an eyebrow. This might be the real deal, however. Tests of the wireless card indicated transfer speeds in the 700Kbps range, with some tests topping out at 1.2Mbps! All this speed on a cellular network is remarkably impressive. The current downsides I see is that if you're not in one of the 32 metro areas that supports EV-DO service, you're out of luck. If you are "lucky" and in one of the service areas, the cost of your prize is another $80 monthly bill! I look for this service to expand in area and come down in price as public hotspots proliferate; until that happens, this is a great alternative for those that can afford it.

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