Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Personal Vehicle Manager from TwoPeaks

If you're like me, I feel sorry for you. Oops...let me start that again! If you're like me, you're on the run often and you like to track details on your vehicles. Great news! You can do this on your Windows Mobile device SmartPhone with the new 2005 version of Personal Vehicle Manager from TwoPeaks Software!

PVM provides functionality to track and store TONS of great vehicle data, such as:

- Fuel consumption
- Repairs and maintenance
- Detailed trip mileage
- Insurance info and more!

This new version of PVM also supports VGA devices for both Portrait and Landscape viewing! If you are are current PVM owner, check their site for a generous 75% discount on the upgrade; normal price is $24.95 which includes a desktop version that synchs via ActiveSynch! For the meek, there is a 14 day trial available.

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