Thursday, March 10, 2005

PocketBlogger: blog on your handheld

Looking to blog using a handheld? If you have a Blogger account and a PocketPC, you can do it! PocketBlogger was recently released and with that many decimals in the version number, I'm thinking we'll see many versions and enhancements. Either that or the next version will simply be called "v 2"! ;)

This freeware was created according to the developer because "I have an Audiovox 6601, and a blog. I tried posting from the website, but because PocketIE doesn't support JavaScript very well, I couldn't make a post. This gave me the idea to create an application that would allow me to post to by blogs. Using the Atom API, and the Blogger API, along with web services I created, and the .NET Compact Framework, I created PocketBlogger."

In true mobile handheld fashion, the download is nice and small: only 36Kb! The developer also has a blog where he openly discusses the product and solicits ideas for new functionality. Now...if I can pair this up with some Windows Mobile speech recognition I can do some SERIOUS blogging on my Axim X50v!

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