Friday, March 18, 2005

Podcatching on a PPC: FeederReader

I can't pull podcasts directly on my Windows Mobile device via WiFi...or can I? Greg Smith says, "Yes I can!" with his application called FeederReader. According to Greg: "FeederReader is a program running on Windows Mobile 2003 used for downloading and reading RSS feeds and listening to podcasts on a Pocket PC. It is designed to be run without the assistance of a host computer. You can update the feeds when the Pocket PC is connected to the internet (through a LAN, Mobile Phone, or ActiveSync) and read them while offline."


FeederReader is designed to support enclosure tags for podcasts as well as OPML imports and exports of your RSS subscriptions. Normal RSS reading is also built in to the application which requires the latest .NET Compact Framework to run.

Greg has released an alpha of his application and I'll be installing it shortly. Look to the next techADDICTION show for my thoughts, bearing in mind that this is a pre-release version. If you would like to give FeederReader a try, take a look at Greg's site.

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