Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sony to offer music service on PSP

Do we really need another digital music player on the market? Sony seems to think so and they are calling their latest addition the...wait a second...the PSP???

"Speaking at the iHollywood Digital Living Room forum here, Yair Landau, vice chairman of Sony Pictures, said the Japanese giant plans to release software that would let the PSP synchronize with Connect, Sony's entertainment download service. The company also plans to launch software that would let the PSP link to PCs and Macs within a year, he said.
Although the PSP is mostly viewed as a game player, Sony believes that the device--which went on sale in Japan last December and is expected to hit the United States on March 24--will become a versatile mobile device. Consumers, the company says, will use it to watch videos, listen to music or connect to the Internet through a built-in Wi-Fi connection."

Although this is a good extension of the WiFi connectivity on the PSP, I'm starting to wonder now many functions need to be crammed into a handheld gaming console. If Sony wanted to be really innovative, how about a Mini Disc slot for their new 1GB HiMD media? Then we'd be talking some serious music! What do you think....too much in one device or is this a "I gotta have one!"?

Click the post title for the full story from CNET News.

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