Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tablet PC Buzz interviews HP's Ben Thacker

Rob Bushway from Tablet PC Buzz took a recent opportunity to interview HP's Ben Thacker. Ben is the Manager of the Specialized Products and Options Group for HP. The interview covered various insights to the Tablet PC strategies within HP, but most interesting to me was the analysis Ben provides on growth of the Tablet PC market. I've often said that I think the Tablet market is growing to slow, mostly due to marketing. Ben's answer to Rob's question might prove me wrong:

"What I found in my data analysis was that tablet pc growth is right on target with the way new technology advances on the adapter curve line. When significant new technology enters a market, volume usually starts in the niche areas or in verticals. After 5-10 years, if the technology is good, it advances into mainstream areas. This generally happens when costs come down and usefulness (software) to mainstream goes up. Verticals can afford the initial intro costs of the new technology as they have real solid needs for these solutions. Mainstream users have more trouble seeing the benefits due to higher costs and missing features (software) for mainstream usage. A great example to illustrate what I'm talking about is HDTV."

All in all, some great thoughts from HP are shared; click the post title for the full interview.

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