Monday, March 21, 2005

techADDICTION show #3 available

We had fun with this one but still kept it "tech-worthy" and informative! James even let me intro the show, but that cost me $1. I STILL think he cheats on these coin tosses via Skype! ;) Speaking of Skype, we give you a demo of Skype for PPC via Bluetooth in this show. We also talk about how we create the great sound quality of the 'cast, tell you about our new "Skype-line" for the show, and most important: we've got some KICKIN' new intro\outro music from Paul of One-Egg-Ticket and Paul's Blog!

Show notes are available after the "Read More" jump and you can listen to the show by clicking the post title.
The techADDICTION Show - 22nd March 2005 (43min 19sec): MP3 - 14.9MB

00:16 Intro music- Konundrums by One Egg Ticket (thanks guys)

Paul’s Blog

Kevin watching NASCAR and podcasting

01:50 MyWebEx PC

Kevin hacked JK’s computers

10:00 Skype on a Pocket PC with a Bluetooth headset

11:25 Skype recording over WiFi with a Bluetooth headset quality sample

13:40 How techADDICTION is recorded


KCT & JK are vain


KCT & JK sound good

A face for podcasting

16:25 The techADDICTION Skype line

17:55 Skype Answering Machine (SAM)

New version- significant new features

22:25 Pause for the cause

23:30 RSS/ Podcatcher for the Pocket PC- FeederReader

27:18 Fictionwise has their own ebook reader device

eBookwise-1150- electronic ebook reader for $100

31:25 2.6 gigs of free music!


Robert Scoble


35:30 GM puts MP3 player jack in new cars

Belkin TuneCast II

38:35 Cordless Skype Phone

Seattle vs. the UK

41:00 Music kicks in!

The Podcast Network Survey

Call the techADDICTION Skype line with your feedback, comments, questions

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