Monday, March 21, 2005

Yahoo to start a blogging service: Yahoo 360

Following in Google's footsteps, Yahoo is planning to offer a blogging service of their own, presumably to compete with Google's Blogger and Microsoft's MSN Spaces. (Author's disclaimer: this blog is hosted on According to InfoWorld:

"The service will include the company's first blogging tool, according to a company executive. Called Yahoo 360, the service will enter a restricted beta period on March 29, when it will be available to select users invited by Yahoo to try it out. Yahoo will expand the beta testing in coming weeks, and has set up a waiting list for interested users at"

With so many blogging services and platforms available, is there room for another? I think there are plenty of choices in the market and don't expect to see Yahoo's service considered "revolutionary". What it all comes down to is: how much control over your blog do you have, how reliable is the service and what extras are available to you? What do you think: do we need another blog service or is this market space already crowded?

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