Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Enhanced WM Today Tasks for free!

I think it was Windows CE 2.11 that had more Today screen type functions than the recent versions of Windows Mobile. I know you "old timers" will correct me if I'm wrong, but do I recall the following functions:

Email actually showed the sender and a header on the "today" screen
Tasks actually showed by name!

Well, I can't help you today with the e-mail, but I can help with the Tasks thanks to TaskPlus v 1.4; a freeware 3rd party application! In the screen shot below, you can see the standard Tasks section. I have 3 tasks....big deal! Look below for TaskPlus and tell me what you see!

Here's a few of the features available:
Each line display one task with start date, subject and due date.
Completed tasks are not displayed.

Following actions are available from Today screen:
- tap in subject text area = display and edit task details information
- tap in due date area (right date) = complete task after confirmation
- tap icon TaskPlus = display create new task screen
- tap right part of title or min / max icon = close / open TaskPlus list

TaskPlus is a 103KB download available from the developers site and has plenty of customizable features. Ah...this brings back memories of my old Compaq Aero in 2000...sniff, sniff...

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