Friday, April 29, 2005

Firefox: 50 million downloads (and counting)

Early this morning, the number of Firefox downloads surpassed the 50 million mark. This momentous occasion only took about 5 months as I believe that Firefox officially launched on November 9th of last year. The Mozilla folks are celebrating with a new website with the following info:

"They said browsers were dead. They said open source would never penetrate the mainstream. But you've never cared much for rules, have you? And now we're blazing a trail to 50 million downloads worldwide. As we turn open source into a household word and reassert the supremacy of simplicity, we are making waves—and starting fires."

Take a step back and think about what has happened in less than a year. This was a complete open source effort that took the world by storm. No paychecks, no egos of a corporate organization, none of that. Simply a vision to build the best consumer product possible and then give it away for free. Some other companies should take a cue from this effort....congratulations Firefox. Since November of last year, you've been my browser of's to many more downloads!

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