Friday, April 08, 2005

Gmail notifier for SPOT Watches

SpotDev has recently posted a Java application that tells your SPOT watch how many new Gmail messages you have. The approach is rather clever as it utilizes the Calendar channel of a SPOT watch for strategic reasons:

"The obvious questions is, why Calendar. Well, there are only two options: Calendar and Messages. Since this type of information is better as "glancable" data, the Calendar makes a better choice. With messages, each message is saved, and you'd receive a new message each every ten minutes, or at least whenever a new message arrives. This is all well and good, but I wanted to be able to glance at my watch at any given time to see how many messages I have waiting. This way, I don't have to bother going to the computer if it's 0. With the Calendar app, old messages can be replaced. You only see the most recent information."

Every 10 minutes the application will check your Gmail account and forward that information to your SPOT Watch. The download is a 28Kb Zip file and utilizes a Gmail RSS feed. Thanks to SPOTStop for the tip!

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