Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Podcasting 101

Regular readers know that I'm actively producing two different podcast shows: techADDICTION with James Kendrick and the Commute-Cast with the talented and lovely Barb. Creating a good show isn't exactly easy. It takes prep time to find a wide range of interesting topics and you need to do your research so you can speak to the subject. It also takes some decent recording equipment. I currently use a Plantronics DSP-400 headset & mic for techADDICTION and a first gen Dell DJ for the Commute-Cast. Add some quailty recording software, a few hours of post-production sound work, time for show notes (complete with links, of course) and that's it! Simple, right? ;)

It's actually not too bad and I thoroughly enjoy it; I hope you can hear the fun in my voice during the shows. What makes it easier is having the right tools. Today, CNET discusses some of the software recording tools that make it easy enough for anyone with a voice to give it a try. Take a peek at their review on podcast search engines and new recording application called Propaganda. I currently use the free, open source application called Audacity, but James and I were recently provided evaluation copies of Propaganda from MixMeister Technology. If you have any interest in podcasting, the CNET article will get you started. In the meantime, I'll, be firing up Propaganda to see if it will replace Audacity!

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