Monday, May 02, 2005

Dave's iPAQ celebrates 5 years with a HUGE giveaway!

I equate the age of a website in dog years. You know...1 year for us is 7 for a dog? Same with the web, and if you follow my logic, Dave's iPAQ has been around for 35 "web years". Ok, maybe I'm just a little strange, but you have to admit: any enthusiast website that has grown from humble beginnings over 5 years is a TREMENDOUS accomplishment! Join me in congratulating Dave Ciccone and the rest of the gang over at Dave's iPAQ for everything they have given back to the mobile community.

While you're doing that, be sure to check out the celebratory giveaway. Dave has lined up over 100 items starting on May 3rd. You need to check Dave's iPAQ every hour for questions about the giveaway products because the first correct response wins!

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At 5/02/2005 8:19 AM, Anonymous David Ciccone said...

Thanks Kevin for the post. I guess I can relate to dog years since I feel like i am 35 years older now... Lol


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