Thursday, May 19, 2005

How to put a headset on a penguin

Looks like Xandros Linux & Skype VoIP are getting married and we’re all invited to the reception! Hmm….I wonder if any of their kids would be “open sourced” or “licensed” little critters? ;)

For $99 list (U.S.) you get a nifty little package including:

Xandros Surfside Linux
Skype client for Linux
Plantronics USB headset (Audio 45 model)
Bonus voucher for 120 minutes of free SkypeOut calls (limited time offer on the voucher)
Firefox browser & Thunderbird e-mail client for Linux suite and more!

This is an appealing package for an open source platform; the headset alone lists for $59.95 and includes a noise cancelling microphone. Let’s not forget that the SkypeOut minutes just sweeten the deal. From a marketing standpoint, I expect to see more “Skype bundles" in order to spread the word about Skype.

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