Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New podcatcher and an idea

Robert Scoble mentioned a new podcatcher today, Primetime Podcast Receiver (PPR). Looks nice although I'm a die-hard Doppler fan. I'll give it a try simply because I like how it integrates info from the major Podcast directories.

"The power of Podcast Alley, Digital Podcast,, IT Conversations, and the Tech Podcasts Network podcast directories have all been integrated into the Primetime Podcast Receiver in order to provide you with the most comprehensive, fast, and easy subscription mechanism possible. Simply right click on the podcast you are interested in and subscribe!"

Here's a comment I passed to Robert: how about we reverse this integration? What if the podcatcher clients actually captured the download information during use and then passed that data back to a central podcast service? Instead of disparate statistics for downloads and votes, how about we have one centralized rating service? If the podcatchers can pull RSS, let's get some "podstat" functions in there and pass that info along. Thoughts?

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At 5/12/2005 9:37 AM, Anonymous Lance Robinson said...

Kevin, interesting idea. An aggregation of podcast attention data would certainly be useful, but this would most definitely have to be an opt-in configuration.

Something like this would be extremely easy to integrate into the client side, of course.


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